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Teaching experience includes: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Composition, partner-work,            Gaga, and am a certified Pilates &

Lagree instructor. 

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I value connection. 

I believe that dance and movement are  vital mediums that allow for us to connect with our innermost self and those around us. As a teacher, I focus on producing thinking, creative dancers, not just moving bodies. I am passionate about dance arts and am committed to helping other people achieve their goals.


My varied teaching experiences have allowed me to become adept in group and individual instruction. I have humbly been able to be a part of many different dance environments which has provided me opportunity to recognize the best modalities for teaching students of varying ages and levels.In all my classes the students will work to understand advanced choreographic forms and structures while also being able to evaluate their, and their peer’s own work. It is critical for me that a community environment is fostered. I want my students walking away feeling that they grew both physically and emotionally. Feeling encouraged by their peers is a vital part to growing a community- and I believe dancers thrive in a community setting. Though dance can become individualistic, the best (and most emotionally healthy) dancers are always surrounded by a healthy community. Teaching is important to me because I get to play a vital role in establishing the mind-body connection to students from a young age. Many people spend most of their lives never understanding the vital connection between mind, body, and spirit. But as a teacher I get to give students tools and opportunities to use and practice what this connection looks like inside of a studio in hopes that they can utilize this skill in other, mundane parts of their life.

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